More and other demo's

Demo menus visibility removed

As per 07 Aug 2013 the visibility of plugin menus has been removed to increase the speed of the website. The plugins as mentioned below are still functioning as such, just the plugin menus have been removed.

NLSTART demonstrations

In the main menu links you can select directly:
1. 'Demo Shop': a demonstration of what EasyShop can do. The checkout goes to the PayPal Sandbox so you're safe to shop here; your checkout will never be completed and thus never be charged!
If you would like to spend (a little) money to see the real action going on; have a look at the NLSTART shop! Downloads available from € 2.55.

2. 'Poker': a demonstration of the poker plugin; get more credits as a logged in member. You can sign up for free on this website!

3. 'Demo quiz': a demonstration of the e107_Quiz plugin. Only logged in members can fill in the answers to the quiz questions.

4. 'EasyGallery': a demonstration of the EasyGallery plugin. Only logged in members can leave comments. The upload functionality has been set to 'inactive'.

More demonstrations on this web site

5. At the top of my welcome page you will see the SlideShow plugin in action; here the slide show presents the latest downloads. It is also capable of showing the latest news. There is even a paid SlideShow plugin version available for a small fee to slide show your EasyShop products.

6. At the right column you will find the EasyShop_menu (changes when putting something in your shopping basket).

7. In the right column 'Promoted news' is presented by the 'News Scroller' plugin.

8. In the right column above the latest forum posts the 'EasyGallery' menu is presented by the 'EasyGallery' plugin; it shows a random image from the available folders and images.

9. In the right column the 'Poker Hall Of Fame' (HOF) menu is displayed. From there you also have the possibility to show the complete HOF as well.

10. In the left column you see the FlickrFeed plugin in action. It can show Flickr images in a menu, but also everywhere else on your site with the FlickrFeed BBcode button! More FlickrFeed demonstrations can be found in this news article.

11. Nowhere else advertised, but the showmyip plugin is also active for demonstration purposes on this web site.