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Welcome to the home of e-commerce plugin EasyShop!


Easy Paid Members

With the Easy Paid Members (EPM) plugin your e107 website is able to accept all major credit cards and PayPal to enable members to buy a subscription or membership to one or more area(s) of your website.
Licenses start from € 20,- (€ 15,- per each following year).
Latest release: v1.3 (21 August 2013)

Read more about the Easy Paid Members plugin.


EasyShop: Version 1.7 (stable)
Released August 6, 2012.
(out since v1.2 RC1 per April 24, 2007)
Easy to set up web shop within e107 that integrates with either PayPal checkout, PayPal IPN or e-mail.
Order your copy of EasyShop v1.7 manual

Locator: Version 1.3
Released January 20, 2011.
(out since v1.0 per October 9, 2007)
Register locations and show them on Mapquest or Google maps.
ShowMyIP: Version 1.1
Released December 28, 2007.
(out since v1.0 per December 7, 2007)
A very basic plugin that shows the IP address to the visitor.
YourFirstPlugin: Version 1.4
Released June 27, 2009.
(out since v1.0 RC1 per January 25, 2007)
Template for starting e107 plugin builders to have a quick start.
Poker: Version 1.3
Released August 22, 2009.
(out since v1.0 per July 14, 2008)
Play a simplified poker game with a Hall Of Fame
menu and Gold System plugin support.
FlickrFeed: Version 1.2
Released December 24, 2008.
(out since v1.0 per August 05, 2008)
Integrate your (favorite) Flickr photo stream(s) into your e107 website.
EasyBackup: Version 1.7
Released July 25, 2009.
(out since v1.0 per September 8, 2008)
E-mails automatically a daily backup of your e107 MySQL database.
EasyDBtool: Version 1.1
Released November 11, 2008.
(out since v1.0 per October 20, 2008)
The e107 way of PhpMyAdmin.
e107_Quiz: Version 1.2
Released May 7, 2012.
(out since v1.0 per July 8, 2009)
Create tests and quizzes in e107.
News scroller: Version 1.2
Released September 24, 2009.
(out since v1.0 per August 24, 2009)
Scroll your latest news in a menu in any direction.
Slideshow: Version 2.1
Released April 13, 2013.
(out since v1.0 per August 26, 2009)
Display fancy slide show of latest news or downloads. Special EasyShop products version available for a small fee.
BanHelper: Version 1.7.2
Released April 14, 2014.
(out since v1.0 per January 3, 2010)
Get rid of your spammers and their comments/forum posts.
EasyGallery: Version 1.1
Released January 13, 2013.
(out since v1.0 per February 5, 2010)
The easy way to have your e107 photo gallery.
EasyHours: Version 1.3
Released January 23, 2012.
(out since v1.0 per August 18, 2010)
Hour and holiday registration within e107.
ARPS: Version 2.0
April 10, 2011.
(out since v2.0 per April 10, 2011)
Advanced Raid Planner System for clans.
DNSBL: Version 1.0
June 18, 2011.
(out since v1.0 per June 18, 2011)
DNSBL: refuse signups based on block lists.
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