Easy Paid Members

With the Easy Paid Members (EPM) plugin your e107 website is able to accept all major credit cards and PayPal to enable members to buy a subscription or membership to one or more area(s) of your website.

Get subscribing members in three easy steps
  1. Download and install EPM
    Subscribe as a member on this website and become an EPM member! Specify the domain(s) where you want to use it;
    Download and install the EasyPaid Members plugin with the license file.
  2. Create content for subscribers
    Create one or more special user classes, allow content, downloads, forum interaction etc. for these special user classes;
    Define one or more subscription groups with the subscription amount you desire to receive.
  3. Start earning
    Each new subscriber to your site will be offered the EPM membership offers;
    Existing members can view and manage their EPM membership status with an easy link from their profile;
    As soon as PayPal confirms your payment your new subscription members will have access to the content you prepared for them.

Some of the features of EPM Plugin version 1.0:
  • Easy plugin installation
  • Fully integrated with e107
    - Newly signed up users are automatically referred to subscription page
    - User profile page gets extra link so users can maintain their own subscriptions.
    - Unsubscribe from recurring payment subscription is also implemented; members can unsubscribe themselves at any time during their subscription. Members stay active until the end of their paid subscription period. The plugin checks automatically each day the expired memberships and removes the user class(es).
  • Multiple subscriptions supported
  • Each subscription can give members instant access to one or multiple user classes
  • Administrator receives e-mail notification of a new membership
  • Allows new members to access 'Members Only' pages immediately after successful PayPal IPN transaction
  • Variety of payments intervals per subscription
    Memberships can be set per day, week, bi-weekly, month, quarter, half year, year (recurring payments). Setting a membership for a one time transaction (once) is also possible.
  • Supports unlimited users
    Members subscriptions can be maintained by administrator even after payments.
  • Overview of all subscribers and their status with search functionality
  • All 16 PayPal supported currencies are supported: AUD Australian Dollar, CAD Canadian Dollar, CHF Swiss Franc, CZK Czech Koruna, DKK Danish Krone, EUR Euro, GBP Pound Sterling, HKD Hong Kong Dollar, HUF Hungarian Forint, JPY Japanese Yen, NOK Norwegian Krone, NZD New Zealand Dollar, PLN Polish Zloty, SEK Swedish Krona, SGD Singapore Dollar, USD U.S. Dollar
  • IPN log
    The IPN log feature keeps track of all payments, payment attempts and cancellations
  • Security: integrated with the e-TOKEN on the subscription page

NOTE: the EPM plugin is not open source, but distributed as licensed software.
NOTE2: the EPM plugin might not run when you have Goldmembers plugin running; EPM plugin does NOT support an automated transfer from Goldmembers.
NOTE3: the EPM plugin requires the PHP module mcrypt being enabled (check Admin Area > PHP info)

Try it for yourself! Signup on the NLSTART website; confirm your account, log in and go to your profile; from there click on the 'User subscriptions' link. The Easy Paid Members plugin is used for the distribution on this website; so once you are an active paid subscriber you will be a special class member that is entitled to download the software from the Downloads section right after your payment has been confirmed.

Sign up here, after giving your sign up details the EPM memberships will be offered.

Pick the best license for your own EPM plugin:
Basic Pro Ultra
Unlimited subscriptions
Multiple classes per subscription
Member overview
Templating possible
2 additional trial periods per subscription
# URL's* 1 max. 3 max. 10
Price 1st year € 20,- € 45,- € 60,-
Price following years** € 15,- /year € 40,- /year € 55,- /year
Order now! Order now! Order now!
* = License valid on all sub-domains on same domain
** = Price each year

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