Hire me

Why hire me for e107 CMS development work?

I believe in letting my work speak for me. Please check out some articles I have written about e107 CMS and try some free e107 CMS plugins that I have coded.

Things I do

  1. e107 CMS installation, upgrade, backup, and maintenance
    Even though e107 CMS is a fairly easy platform to install, not everybody is comfortable with upgrading, backing up, or maintaining a e107 CMS installation. I will show you how I do things for my site so that you will be comfortable doing it yourself in the future.
  2. Site evaluation and coaching
    Are you not getting enough traffic? Is your visitor bounce rate too high? Do you suffer from low conversion ratio? I can help you identify problematic areas of your site, offer solutions, and fix it.
  3. e107 CMS debugging
    Is there something weird with your e107 CMS installation? I can help you identify and fix any issue you may have.
  4. EasyShop installation and configuration
    EasyShop is my most popular plugin that can help you gain subscribers/visitors and increase your income revenues from your website. It works out of the box most of the time, but sometimes it does not. I can help you get it up and running, probably within minutes.
  5. Debugging and troubleshooting on any of my supported e107 CMS plugins
    Most of my plugins work out of the box and have plenty of documentation in the e107 Wiki. For times when things just aren't going your way, I can help you with any debugging you need on my supported e107 CMS plugins.
  6. Writing custom made plugins
    Some websites really need something that is totally unique. If you have the ideas, I can design the database structure and the programming around it to make it happening!
  7. Adjust existing plugins
    Maybe you have an existing plugin but you want to fine-tune it a bit, just change a few things here and there to make it just perfect. I can digg into your existing plugin code and make it up to your requirements.

Things I don't do

  1. Graphics design
  2. e107 CMS theme design/development from scratch
  3. Waste your time and money with ineffective, uneducated attempts to solve problems that I don't understand
  4. Projects that are against my personal and/or professional ethics.
    (In other words: If I can't believe in it, I won't do it. Besides that I am very open-minded!)


For US and Canada: I charge $ 60 / hour (currency code USD);
For Europe: I charge € 45 / hour (currency code EUR).
Work that I have done is rounded up to the nearest half hour.
For projects estimated at more than 2 hours a confirmed down payment of 50% of the price is obliged before starting to work on it.


Feel free to email me at “nlstart [{at}] webstartinternet [{dot}] com” or use my contact page about any freelance projects you have in mind.