YourFirstPlugin [ A skeleton to quickly start building an e107 plugin. See Wiki about YourFirstPlugin for more information. ]

YourFirstPlugin v1.2
Author nlstart
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Description YourFirstPlugin v1.2

Changelog for version 1.2:
* Sub-goals for release 1.2:
- improvements
* New/Added Features:
- admin_programs ensured to be loaded in admin theme by setting $eplug_admin = true before calling class2
* Altered Features:
- admin_categories.php: replaced & sign in url for XHTML compliancy
- admin_categories_edit.php: replaced & sign in url for XHTML compliancy
* Bugs Fixed:
- admin_categories.php: security improvements
- admin_categories_edit.php: security improvements
- yourfirstplugin.php: activated protect from direct access
* Minor Changes:
- readme.txt: advice for writing safe plugins
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Date Sunday 23 November 2008 - 14:35:21
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