EasyDBtool [ The e107 way of PhpMyAdmin. See Wiki about EasyDBtool for more information. ]

EasyDBtool v1.1
Author nlstart
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Description EasyDBtool v1.1

the e107 way of PhpMyAdmin

Changelog version 1.1:
- make compliant to Table Manager version 3.04 (issued 10 November 2008 by Tony Aslett http://appcreator.com)
General improvements:
- Fixed field size issue
- Fixed connection to external servers, provided permissions exist.
- Fixed page number display
- Added ability to turn of privilege restrictions in settings
- Modified Privilege system
- Fixed much of the user management system.
- Fixed Edit in Place Ajax functionality
- #62: index.php: changed function name theme_head() into edt_theme_head() to prevent collision with themes (e.g. exas_b07_multicolor)
- alter.php: added some missing closing tags
- index.php: fixed hard coded text
- index.php: fixed advanced search
- index.php: added message when record changed in edit mode
- savedqueries.php: fix for delete query
- savedqueries.php: fix only saving queries when there are (valid) results
- reusable.php: removed $dbnamearray as function input parameter
- reusable.php: fixed false status return in last else of function exequery
- reusable.php: added table name as proper id for searchtableform function
- reusable.php: fixed function advancedSearchForm when actual columns are found
- reusable.php: rewritten function advancedSearch
- reusable.php: function editform had some improper echo functions and missing closing tag
- reusable.php: function editform had improper form format for submit and reset buttons
- reusable.php: function displayrow added $id and $context parameters
- reusable.php: fixed distinction in function displayrow for edit user and regular edit situation
- reusable.php: modified token handling in function displayrow
- reusable.php: better handling of navigation buttons in function nav
- reusable.php: improved handling of tablename and dbname in function navitem
- reusable.php: changed handling of $tablename in function showrecords
- reusable.php: improved checks on priveleges in function check_priv
- user.php: fixed edit user output for function grantform
- user.php: added label Host in function dropuserform
- user.php: fix to drop the user only from selected host in function dropuser
- user.php: added label Host in function changenameform
- user.php: fix to change user name for specified host in function changename
- user.php: heavy bugfixing in function grantform and adding message about minimum required privileges
- user.php: bugfixing in function grantprivileges and adding message for mandatory selection of privileges before granting
- user.php: cleaning of variables only if variable has been set in function changepassword
- plugin.php: fix to delete preference settings successfully with uninstall
Minor changes:
- adjusted readme.txt
- settings.php: 1.1 version
- plugin.php: 1.1 version
- English.php: added a few language terms
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