BanHelper [ Easy to use ban helper to get rid of spammers in your comments and forums. ]

BanHelper v1.7.1
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Description BanHelper v1.7.1
Changelog 1.71
* e_meta.php: commented out lines 90 and 110 with development debug lines

BanHelper v1.7
Changelog 1.7:
* plugin.php: added new database table 'banhelper_ok' for new installs and updates; banhelper preferences are updated for default 'login ban settings'
* admin_config.php: added tab 'login ban' where settings for blocking users hitting the login page can be defined
* admin_banuser.php: added functionality to whitelist a user
* admin_banuser.php: added functionality to display whitelisted users
* admin_banuser.php: added functionality to delete whitelisted user from the whitelist
* admin_findspam.php: added column 'options' to ban or whitelist user
* admin_findspam.php: new check 7: search for users with variants of their account e.g. and
* admin_findspam.php: new check 8: search from all forum threads of the last 3 months where the count of threads containing links from same user is equal or more than the 'Link count threshold' setting
* admin_menu.php: added menu option to view whitelisted users
* banhelper_class.php: added function for registering users hitting the login page (NOTE: for this feature the e107_files/cache folder is assumed to be writeable(!))
* e_meta.php: change to display icon_banhelper_16.png from theme/images folder if available
* e_meta.php: if setting for 'login ban' is 'on' the submit button on the login page will be suppressed for a time-out as defined in the banhelper preferences
* change to display icon_banhelper_16.png from theme/images folder if available
* languages/English.php: added BH_MENU_05, BH_BAN_53, BH_BAN_54, BH_META_06, BH_META_07, BH_CONF_71 until BH_CONF_78
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Date Monday 28 January 2013 - 13:02:00
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