News Item: EPM - Easy Paid Members plugin for e107 CMS
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Wednesday 07 August 2013 - 09:22:00

Looking to create a paid subscription-based portal? EPM EasyPaidMember plugin is a hassle free solution by NLSTART. Combined with the e107 CMS this plugin will help you to create a subscription based website with user accounts, user classes and online content accessible only by paid subscribers.

The Easy Paid Members (EPM) plugin enables your e107 website to accept all major credit cards and PayPal to have members buy a subscription or membership to one or more area(s) of your website.

With the EPM plugin you don't have to be a programmer or a web guru to set up a subscription-based website. With this plugin you can subscribe your visitors to existing services you provide or to an exclusive part of your website. Use the EPM plugin to offer easy PayPal subscription services.

The ability to combine the user profiles and registration with the EPM plugin allows you to show some sections of your website only to paid subscribers. Even better, you can have various subscription plans and settings.

Plugin key features:
  • Ability to view a list of all subscribers, view their profiles and statuses
  • Full automatic integration with e107 user profiles
  • Full automatic integration with e107 registration/sign-up
  • Ability to offer up to 2 additional trial periods per subscription
  • Full subscription customization
  • Seamless subscriptions administration and initial set-up
  • Create your own 'subscribe' buttons and set up unlimited multiple recurring payments profiles
  • Paypal Sandbox testing mode
  • Full theme integration possible with e107 template behavior
  • Button to unsubscribe from PayPal subscription
  • EPM plugin works with e107 v0.7.25 and newer
  • Security: e107 e-TOKEN functionality implemented in subscription application

Before actually using PayPal Easy Paid Member plugin functionality on your website, you will need the following:
  • e107 core v0.7.25 (or newer) installed
  • A PayPal Premier or Business account
  • The PayPal verified email address at which you will receive payments
  • At least one specific user class setup in Admin > User Classes
  • At least one active subscription group defined in EPM plugin

NOTE: the EPM plugin is licensed and protected software; NOT open source!

See for more details and examples the 'Sneak preview' article.

Pick the best license for your own EPM plugin:
Basic Pro Ultra
Unlimited subscriptions
Multiple classes per subscription
Member overview
Templating possible
2 additional trial periods per subscription
# URL's* 1 max. 3 max. 10
Price 1st year € 20,- € 45,- € 60,-
Price following years** € 15,- /year € 40,- /year € 55,- /year
Order now! Order now! Order now!
* = License valid on all sub-domains on same domain
** = Price each year

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