Sneak Preview: EasyPaidMembers plugin

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Are you a starting entrepreneur (or even a well-established one), offering a service which involves invoicing customers and collecting payments on a regular basis? And are you interested in doing this using your e107 Content Management Service (CMS)?

Since PayPal started offering support for subscriptions on its payment gateway (somewhere around 2004), implementing this kind of services should be relatively easy. Although a bit of code hooking with PayPal's API, and then integrate it into e107 is not as easy as it seems!

That's why I created EasyPaid members plugin, that will do all the work for you! This article will show you how easy it is to integrate your online e107 CMS website with PayPal's Subscriptions and Recurring Payments feature and start accepting recurring payments from your customers, with some help of the EasyPaidMembers (EPM) plugin.

NOTE: the EPM plugin is licensed & copyright protected software; NOT open source!
UPDATE: the EPM plugin has been released since July 17, 2011.

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