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Easy Paid Member plugin FAQ
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Tue Sep 04 2012, 04:06PM

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  1. How do I get the EPM plugin?
    After your purchase using a credit card or PayPal, you will be granted rights in the NLSTART download section. At the same time an e-mail will be send with the license file. After logging in to the NLSTART website, you can instantly download EPM on successful purchase.

  2. If a subscriber cancels how do I turn off their account?
    You do not have to do anything yourself. PayPal will automatically send a message to your EPM plugin, which will mark the end date of their subscription; once the end date will be passed the user class(es) of the subscription group will be removed from the specific member by the EPM plugin.

  3. Is a customer obliged to have a PayPal account to join my new membership site?
    No, PayPal allows credit card payments without an account. This may vary per country; check the PayPal website for details.

  4. Do I need a PayPal account to use the EPM plugin?
    Yes, a PayPal account can be obtained free of charge; you need to have either a Premier or Business account. However, note that the use of PayPal is not for free; you pay a fee that is deducted from each transaction.

  5. After downloading the EPM plugin I notice the files are not readable?
    Correct; the EPM plugin is secured and the php coding cannot be viewed directly. This has no influence on the execution of the php scripts; your programs will function as normal. The language files, the shortcode file and the template are normally editable, so you can customize the EPM program to your liking.

  6. My plugin area is not functioning properly?
    There are known issues with the GoldMember plugin; for some reason these plugins do not work properly together. Since they are both plugins with the same goal; it is best to uninstall and delete one of them.

  7. What is the maximum period possible on PayPal?
    PayPal payment processor has a limitation on length of subscription periods, so if you plan on using it please take this into account when defining payment packages. Maximum supported periods are:
    90 days
    24 months
    5 years

  8. Can PayPal handle 'difficult' characters?
    If you use non-English characters for subscription groups, you need to change settings on your PayPal account, to add support for UTF-8 encoding. Login to PayPal site, and go to Profile > Language Encoding. Click on More options, and for Encoding select UTF-8.

  9. I have a multiple domain license, but want to add a new domain?
    You do not have to fill in all domains at once, if you have a blank domain name you can later add one. From your Profile page, click on the link at 'User subscriptions', for each purchased group there will be a button 'Show URL's for this page', after clicking on it you can fill in blank domain names. After posting a new domain a new license file will be e-mailed.
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