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Application Poker Version 1.3
Description Play a simplified poker game on your e107 website.
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Owner nlstart
#50 [Script] Hall of Fame issue
Posted by ScoutZilla Sunday 20 July 2008 - 11:40:08 Last updated by nlstart Friday 25 July 2008 - 03:05:16
Owner nlstart Priority Low Found in version 1.0
Status Closed Resolution Implemented Fixed in version 1.1
Hello, first off thanks for the great little plugin, very slick! One of my members reported that when he went to enter his "winnings" in the hall of fame, my user name (scoutzilla) was entered instead of his. I verified this with another user name that I use to test the site. If you would like to take a peak you can over here..

The plugin seems to behave a little differently for Guests than it does for Members. Members don't get the popup window when they reach a high score. I hope this helps to make your plugin even better.

thanks and happy trails..

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21 Jul 2008: 06:09
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You're totally right.

line 153 of poker.php is wrong


should be

I will ship this fix in Poker 1.1 which should be published soon.

The difference in behavior between logged in members and visitors is as intended.

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