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Application Slideshow Version 2.1
Description Fancy slide show of your latest news items or downloads.
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Owner nlstart
#101 [Core] slideshow easyshop menu
Posted by bryanr1973 Friday 12 April 2013 - 16:55:39 Last updated by nlstart Saturday 13 April 2013 - 14:56:24
Owner nlstart Priority Critical Found in version 1.1
Status Closed Resolution Implemented Fixed in version 2.1
There is a problem where no images display. This is the link that the plugin creates for the images

It seems to have the image name and folder reversed
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12 Apr 2013: 16:58
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this error was in version 2 - paid version
13 Apr 2013: 10:36
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I checked all strings in slideshow_easyshop_menu.php
They all display correctly (img_path, etc)

However in slideshow_class.php the variables in function gallery_element are inverted

original code read - <img src="'.$p_img_path.$p_image.'" alt="" />

I reordered it to - <img src="'.$p_image.$p_img_path.'" alt="" />

I am not sure where these are assigned their values, but that seems to be the issue. They were assigned inversely. Now img src returns the correct image. However, the image still isn't displaying properly.
13 Apr 2013: 10:49
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Now that images are loaded, they need to be seen. Temporarily removing slideshow_shop.css line 105 display:none allows the inital image to show up.
Line 1 has an overflow limitation set. Removing this shows that all images are stacked correctly.

The righthand column that includes the small navigation tabs are not displaying yet. (assuming there are any)

Also the rotation doesn't seem to be working. I will work on the rotation issue next.
13 Apr 2013: 14:52
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You're right; the parameters were not passed properly. Only in the easyshop slideshow... Duh. I have fixed it and will update the download section soon.

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