EasyGallery v1.1

Category:   Plugins | Author:   nlstart

It has been a long wait, but the update for EasyGallery is here. This plugin enables you to put images on your e107 website. It offers you integrated functionality like comments, allow certain user class to upload, templates and more.

The update is mainly concentrated to support the back-end admin functionality again; which was lost after the core changes of e107 v0.7.26 (just before v1.0.0 came out).

There are way much more image galleries already available. But some I tried did not work and some others I found way too complicated. In my search to have an easy image gallery I was unsuccessful, resulting the developing a new image gallery plugin from scratch.

As an administrator you can just upload your full images through FTP and the EasyGallery plugin will take care of the rest: it creates automatically thumbnails and shrinks images to a maximum file size if applicable.

Read more about this plugin in the EasyGallery Wiki.

Watch the plugin demonstration.

Download EasyGallery. There is a version with and a version without demonstration images available in the download section.

Have fun!

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