BanHelper v1.6

Category:   Plugins | Author:   nlstart

BanHelper v1.6 has been released on June 26, 2012.

Read the changes on the BanHelper Wiki page.

BanHelper v1.6 is available at these locations:

Enjoy and happy ban hunting!

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EPM EasyPaidMembers v1.1

Category:   Plugins | Author:   nlstart

EPM EasyPaidMembers plugin v1.1 has just been released.
It is capable of handling multilingual sites better with one installation of the EPM plugin. Furthermore some fixes have been applied, so handling user classes from the EPM member section is even smoother.

Easy signup for the EPM plugin (by using the EPM plugin, of course).

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Voted best resource on UK convention

Category:   Blog | Author:   nlstart

At the end of the first UK CMS convention the official presentation of the awards was revealed.
Surprise; it turned out my website was chosen the best e107 resource!

Needless to say I'm all proud!

My plugins BanHelper and EasyShop became 2nd and 3rd place in the 'best plugin' category! Which makes me even more proud!

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DNSBL: refuse signups based on block lists

Category:   Plugins | Author:   nlstart

At e107 the devs are always looking at ways to improve your e107 website safety. As a trial I have developed DNSBL functionality. It's not a plugin, so if you upload it you will overwrite some e107 core files. The DNSBL package can be used with e107 v0.7.25 or v0.7.26svn.

What is DNSBL exactly? As Wikipedia states it: "A DNSBL (DNS-based Blackhole List, Block List, or Blacklist) is a list of IP addresses published through the Internet Domain Name Service (DNS) either as a zone file that can be used by DNS server software, or as a live DNS zone that can be queried in real-time."

The idea is as follows: in Admin Area > User Registration/Posting you will get two new preferences:
1. "Check IP address against DNS black list during sign-up" to switch the DNSBL checking on or off;
2. "Use DNS check list" selection box which can be blank, one of the supported DNSBL lists or 'All'.

Currently supported DNSBL's are: spamhaus, spamcop, sorbs and njabl.

When you do switch DNSBL checking on, but do not provide a DNSBL checker, the default 'Spamhaus' will be used.
If the DNSBL check is 'On', each time a new user is trying to sign up the IP address will be looked up at the specified DNSBL.
If the DNSBL returns the IP address as being registered, the sign-up will fail, and line will be added to the Admin Log that the signup was refused (with date/time stamp and mention of the IP address that was attempting to be signed up).

Credits go to Alexey A. Znayev from http://xbsoft.org who's release was the base of the dnsbl_handler.

NOTE: This is not a plugin; it is an experimental core addition and will overwrite some of your core files. However, if you do not want to use it at some point, you can easily adjust your e107 preferences and disable it. Based on the feedback on this the e107 dev team might implement it permanently in a future release.

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EasyShop v1.61

Category:   Plugins | Author:   nlstart

EasyShop v1.61 has been released to fix an error (caused by a typo) with discounts.

Downloadable from:
NLSTART download section or
plugins.e107.org or

For detailed upgrade instructions and change log see the EasyShop Wiki page.

Happy shopping!

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