EasyBackup [ An easy e107 backup plugin that sends the e107 MySQL backup to your e-mail account. See Wiki about EasyBackup for more information. ]

EasyBackup 1.5
Author nlstart
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Description EasyBackup v1.5

Changelog version 1.5:
* e_latest.php: new module to show latest backup date in admin latest menu
* English.php: adjusted EASYBACKUP_CONF_06 description
* English.php: added EASYBACKUP_LATEST_01 description for e_latest.php
* easybackup.php: fix to avoid zip parse error on some old PHP 4 hosts (thanks to KVN/steved/Kroll for their input/test)
* easybackup.php: more efficient coding for updating tables in .sql file saves space; with same database: old file size: 344 kb, new: 249 kb.
* easybackup.php: check if backup has been created that day has been improved (line 99)
* e_module.php: sometimes backup procedure was triggered but didn't complete the backup; EasyBackup will retry until a backup has been made succesfully that day.
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Date Sunday 12 October 2008 - 14:03:15
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