EasyBackup [ An easy e107 backup plugin that sends the e107 MySQL backup to your e-mail account. See Wiki about EasyBackup for more information. ]

EasyBackup 1.2
Author nlstart
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Description EasyBackup v1.2

Version 1.2:
* easybackup_menu.php: introduced trigger date to properly previous checkfile in easybackup.php
* admin_config.php: show new variable trigger date and give admin possibility to overwrite it
* admin_config.php: introduced new variable 'Send e-mail' (default 'On') to be able to override the email process
* admin_config.php: introduced new variable 'Delete previous backup' to automatically remove previous backup; especially handy when 'Delete backup' equals 'No'. With this setting manual deletion is not necessary; only the last backup will remain.
* admin_config.php: introduced new variable 'Create ZIP file mode' (default 'Off') to be able to zip the file
* easybackup.php: removed some die() moments to prevent unexpected exiting of program
* easybackup.php: fixed correct numbering of error codes
* easybackup.php: introduced zip procedure if setting is on and if detection of PHP zip module is true
* easybackup.php: will e-mail the .zip file if the backup if it is available, otherwise the .sql file
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Date Tuesday 09 September 2008 - 06:48:33
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