Slideshow [ Display a fancy slide show of your latest news items or downloads. ]

Slideshow v2.1
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Description Slideshow v2.1

This update release has a few small fixes.

The Slideshow plugin displays your latest news, downloads, custom slides in a separate menu.
Custom slides can be set active/inactive and even have the possibility to only display to certain user classes.

Please note that Easyshop products are also possible; but this plugin version is available for a small fee.

The number of slideshows to be displayed is limited by an admin setting. However, 4 is the advised number; otherwise a scroll bar will be visible with default css.

Initially, I wanted to make this a non-open-source and commercial plugin. Last minute I decided otherwise and it is distributed as open source code under the GNU license. If you actually use this plugin, please consider a donation. Thank you in advance for your courtesy!

A live demo is available at the NLSTART front page; where the Slideshow plugin displays the latest available download files.
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Date Saturday 13 April 2013 - 14:59:38
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