EasyShop [ An easy e107 shop plugin with Paypal checkout. See Wiki about EasyShop for more information. ]

EasyShop v1.7
Author nlstart
Author website http://e107.webstartinternet.com
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Description EasyShop v1.7

Version 1.7 (EasyShop, August 6, 2012)
* Goals for 1.7:
- New functionality for support of datasheet per product (Note: make sure your e107_admin/filetypes.php supports the extension for your datasheet)
- New functionality for support of quotation per product (Note: make sure your e107 mail functionality is properly working in Admin > Mail > Options)
* New/Added Features:
- created new folder 'datasheets' to save all datasheets in a separate folder
- admin_config: new checkbox for datasheet display functionality
- admin_config: new upload button for uploading datasheet functionality (make sure admin/filetypes.php supports pdf files)
- easyshop.php: added datasheet to product details display
- easyshop.php: if product quotation is checked; then display quotation button and suppress price on both product (?prod.) and category (?cat.) level
- easyshop_shortcodes.php: added datasheet and quotation functionality (on product and category level)
- templates/easyshop_template.php: added datasheet and quotation functionality
- eayshop_latest_menu.php: don't display the price for a quotation product
* Minor Changes:
- easyshop_sql.php: adjustments in product database to support datasheet and quotation
- easyshop.php: fixed bug for presenting main categories ordering by main_category_order
- easyshop.php: fixed bug for presenting mcat multiple rows
- plugin.php: adjusted for update to 1.7
- easyshop_ver.php: adjusted for version 1.7
- English.php: added EASYSHOP_CONF_ITM_56 until EASYSHOP_CONF_ITM_61 to support datasheet functionality
- English.php: added EASYSHOP_CONF_ITM_62 and EASYSHOP_SHOP_94 until EASYSHOP_SHOP_98 to support quotation functionality
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Date Monday 06 August 2012 - 15:33:58
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