e107_Quiz [ A e107 plugin to make quizzes and tests. ]

e107_Quiz v1.2
Author nlstart
Author website http://e107.webstartinternet.com
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Description In e107_Quiz you can define quiz masters user class (to create tests without giving them admin access) and a student user class (to make the tests). Per each test can be defined if the test is to be taken one time or indefinite.

Since I renewed the v1.1 version it is possible to give in longer category names and quiz names. Also a generic quiz info text box has been included, capable of storing your BB-codes, so your whole questionnaire could be about e.g. one YouTube video that will be displayed above all your questions.
v1.2 is a security update; so please make sure to use the latest version.
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Date Monday 07 May 2012 - 13:03:05
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