ARPS [ Advanced Raid Planner System; generic plugin for clans to administrate characters and raids. Integrated with e107 core event calendar and comments. See Wiki about ARPS for more information. ]

ARPS v2.0
Author nlstart
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Description The ARPS (Advanced Raid Planner System) plugin is designed to be used for any type of clan oriented game.
It was originally created by Marc Peppler. It did not seem to have any active developments for it any more. I noticed a need of a better version.

* Char Database:
- overview of a complete char list from all users
- search chars by charname or username
- add/edit/delete own chars
* Raid Management:
- create/delete raids
- overview of raids
- signup to raids
- instant signup to raids
* Possible to show server time (admin configurable)
* Possible to show freeze time (admin configurable)
* Integrated help system and an individual color theme, that can be set for every user
* Integrated with the 'Advanced Medal System' for giving medals to users after a raid is over
* Integrated with user e107 user classes for 'Class that can view raids', 'Class that can add raids' and 'Class that can signup to raids'
* Integrated with e107 notify functionality for new raid creation
* Integrated with e107 comment functionality for raid comments
* Integrated with e107 event calendar plugin for new raid creation
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Date Sunday 10 April 2011 - 15:00:16
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