BanHelper [ Easy to use ban helper to get rid of spammers in your comments and forums. ]

BanHelper v1.3
Author nlstart
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Description BanHelper v1.3 change log:
* e_meta.php: replaced hardcoded text for forum.php
* e_meta.php: fixed template replacement for comments
* e_meta.php: adds banhelper icon to shortcode username instead of shortcode comments
* e_meta.php: banhelper icon was not always presented properly with custom theme templates
* added blank index.html file for security reasons to all BanHelper plugin folders
* replaced language term LAN_CS11 with BH_11
* languages/English.php: added BH_META_04, BH_META_05
Filesize 38.86 kB
Date Friday 23 April 2010 - 17:14:00
Downloads 24
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