YourFirstPlugin [ A skeleton to quickly start building an e107 plugin. See Wiki about YourFirstPlugin for more information. ]

YourFirstPlugin v1.4
Author nlstart
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Description Change log version 1.4 (June 27, 2009):
* Sub-goals for release 1.4:
- improvements
* New/Added Features:
- admin_categories_edit.php: introduced sanatizing hints at top
* Altered Features:
- placed check for admin users above require_once auth.php; thanks marj
- admin_categories_edit; code optimisation to prevent double count; thanks marj
- admin_categories; order same leveled categories on id number
- plugin.php: introduced yourfirstplugin_upgrade function to perform only at upgrade moment
* Bugs Fixed:
- plugin.php: removed DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 AUTO_INCREMENT=1; thanks marj
- plugin.php: changed ENGINE=MyISAM into TYPE=MyISAM
- general: exit; changed to exit(); thanks marj
- general: XHTML compliancy: (a giant thank you to marj)
* proper escaping of br-tag and input-tag
* lower cased POST in form-tag
* col attribute in input-tag changed to size
* name attribute in form-tag changed to id
* alt attribute in a-tag
* center-tag is not valid in XHTML 1.1 replaced by proper class or div
* colspan=2 must be colspan="2"
* Minor Changes:
- plugin.php: changed for 1.4 version
- a few comment lines extra
* Known bugs:
- none
* Alerts:
- ATTENTION: help.php is obsolete as from e107 version 0.8
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Date Saturday 27 June 2009 - 14:00:35
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